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Autumn Winter collection is a ‘big deal’ for balenciaga replica handbags. It’s the collection where Emma Hill is still involved with as she has announced her departure in June. And it’s the collection that took balenciaga replica handbags outside its comfort zone, entering a completely new market by experimenting bags, accessories and clothes in new shape, cut and design. For the celebration of the new release, balenciaga replica handbags teamed up with Vogue Korea to produced a photo shoot as an additional promotional campaign to introduce their fresh fall winter accessories.

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It was done in a form of art with light purple flower wallpaper, which makes the dark purple dress and the Bayswater tote to stand out. Model was shot carrying a Prada Replica Handbags ​tote in sand and companied with the new balenciaga replica handbags Peacoat in traditional houndstooth check. The elegant Suffolk tote in vintage-inspired frame and new structured shape in the fall’s oxblood and esmerald color are catchy behind the luxurious textures and prints. The theme was entirely based on the British vintage outfit and was, therefore named: ‘A British Touch’. All of these items can be found on balenciaga replica handbags e-store. The peacoat starts at $1,950 USD, Bayswater bags starts at $1,500 USD, Suffolk tote at $2,650 USD and the Willow tote at $2,600 USD.